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    Chris Lane

    I have worked with the group for four years now, progressing from Business Development Manager to Regional Trainer and now find myself in the role of Regional Team Manager.

    I have always been passionate about all things two wheeled and started out racing XC (cross country) mountain biking in my late teens through to my early twenties, picking up a top 10 under 23 national ranking at aged 20. I find bikes with engines easier now, particularly when going uphill. However, the recent E-Bike purchase has reignited my mountain-biking adventures.

    My first bicycle

    I can’t recall my first bicycle; however, I do know the first brand new bicycle I owned was a Gary Fisher Cake that I entered my first race on when I turned 15, it was too heavy, had too much suspension travel and the frame bearing kept falling out. Shortly after this I moved onto Kona bikes and still own my 2007 Kona Hei Hei Supreme to this day.

    Photo of Chris Lane Chris Lane Regional Team Manager 07792296683

    Full bike replacement* (T&Cs apply)